What we really love is creating things that have never been done or even thought of before. Things like parachuting muffins, origami projection screens and money cannons.  We call it BSC (Bat Shit Crazy). This is what we want to be known for.

We need more BSC projects for our portfolio. So let us create something unheard of for you.

We created this screen exclusively for Converge MidAtlantic's Transform Conference. The logo we designed for the event was an origami bird. So we fabricated a screen in the exact shape of the logo and projected the image onto it. What you see below is the projected image. As people entered the conference, they saw a glowing origami bird. Then, during the opening piece, the image changed with video.


First we rewrote and recorded new lyrics set to the tune of Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk. During a conference of pastors, we shot short segments of pastors repeating lines and dancing. They had no idea what they were actually a part of. We edited on the fly and showed it during the final session of the conference. The room erupted.